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Iceman Nick’s clientele is synonymous with the roster of A-list stars seen in the front row of a major awards show. He has been commissioned to make pieces for celebrities across various industries such as: Drake, The Weeknd, Rick Ross, Joe Burrow, Errol Spence Jr., Ric Flair and most recently LeBron James.


From making oversized pieces like Mike Jones’ “Ice Age” pendant to contemporary pieces like Boosie’s open Bible Pendant, he continues to evolve. The quality of his work and scrupulous selection of diamonds has resulted in the creed, “If it don’t hit, it ain’t by Nick.” More important than the investment into the precious metals and diamonds, going to Nick for fine jewelry is a status symbol.

Nick rises to the occasion when faced with challenges. Raised in Dubai and Bahrain, Nick’s global experiences and style have helped influence his ability to impact the jewelry industry. His meticulous craftsmanship coupled with his outrageous and individual style has caught the attention of a consumer base of all ages. Through revolutionizing styles and pushing boundaries he has earned the (self-explanatory) “Iceman” moniker. From E40 on the west coast to Rick Ross on the east, his core clients have been loyal to him for the last 20 years. A dominant force throughout eras, Iceman Nick has seen styles and trends change, yet he has remained a constant when high profile clients seek the best custom jewelry that money can buy.

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